Thursday, March 19, 2009

Web Source Control

I was looking for non centralized source control solution. I first started looking at LiveMesh (may still be an option for private code). LiveMesh works on the principle that you have LiveMesh syncfolder. When you place a file or modify an existing file in the syncfolder it gets uploaded to the cloud and will sync with all your other devices that point that sync folder.

Source Control Repositores file system
CVS repositores works by creating a managed file for each source file added to the repository.
SVN (Subversion) works by creating Berkley database.

So for the purpose of using LiveMesh, CVS would be a better solution. Since only modified files would get synced. But that would be mean the whole repository would have to be synced on every new machine which sometimes would not be what you want.

So I started to investigate other solutions which would not use LiveMesh due to its limitations. So I started to look around and found some free webhosting + SVN ( Is it what I wanted? Almost, the only draw pack is the ones for free are open source meaning anyone can come along and see your code.

So I chose Google code to see how things worked.

How to set things up
Server Side
Create your self a google code account by going to and select Sign in to create a project. You will need to create a new project. Once you have your project created go to the Source tab and there will be instructions on how to connect to the newly created project repository.
If you want to host it on your on server use , watch the video
No you need a way to connect to the repository so can use of the following - integrates into windows explorer – similar to wincvs stand alone application.

Visual Studio Pluggins - free - cost $50

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